Combining Two Nets

By CountyEC, 30 January, 2024

The Columbus Ohio Emergency Response Communication Net and the Union County ARES Group Net are combining our nets to support our community with more resources to draw from in the event of an emergency. Starting February 4th we will be holding the net on Sunday at 8pm on the N8IG -145.350 CTCSS 127.3Hz and a simplex digi net right after the repeater net . 

Information about the Columbus Ohio Emergency Response Communication Net: 
The Columbus Ohio Emergency Response Communication Net is an emergency amateur radio network. It is a church run program from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We have local, regional and national nets that we participate in each week. Our region is the North America North East that covers a large area. We help support the North America South East during major storms coming up the East coast during Hurricane seasons. Or any other emergency that we are ask to support any where in the world. 

We use HF and VHF radios to run WinLink and JS8Call to communicate with. We also use GroupMe and EchoLink to communicate with different parts of the United States. We hold nets on Saturday morning, Sunday evening and Tuesday evening. 

We enjoy running FT8 and any other radio communication formats that are fun. We like experimenting with radio equipment and antennas. Ron NQ8W a member of our group just put together a winlink two meter gateway that our county can use for all types of communication and all the counties around can use for their communication needs also. 

Our members are ARES members of Union County and have learned a lot of radio skills by participating together.