Union County Ohio ARES Net Information

We meet every Sunday at 8pm on the Marysville N8IG 2m repeater -145.350 CTCSS 127.3Hz 

After the repeater net, we have a practice simplex diginet on 145.650 MHz using FLDigi with FLMSG. We will be using MT632KL centered on 1500 for  the diginet unless otherwise noted on the net.

Additionally, an in person meeting is held every month on the third Monday at the Union County EMA Station 720, 20900 Northwest Parkway, Marysville, OH 43040 at 7PM.  All are welcome.

Both nets are open to anyone that would like to participate.  

Net Control Schedule
SundayNCS Station
FirstEd, KE8ANU
SecondClyde, KE8DQ
ThirdRon, NQ8W
FourthCraig, KB3TNQ
Fifthto be determined